Fanfold FF 2800



A new generation of box making machine - this machine not only realizes the use of fanfold cardboard to produce boxes, but also solves the problems of slotting, slitting, and creasing for boxes processing, which is what other manufacturers' equipment cannot do.

It also brings revolutionary solutions for saving material in your production. You can choose from up to six different widths of input material, allowing you to not only easily resize the final product, but also to significantly save trimming and scrap material from production.

Provide a one-stop carton solution for customized product packaging, allowing box users to realize box freedom, self-sufficiency, production at any time, and carton and product accompanying production.


This machine is ideal for many industry sectors.


  • Secondary horizontal cutting knife
  • Creasing and cutting unit
  • Slitting and scoring unit
  • Primary horizontal cutting blade
  • 1 - 6 cardboard feeding units (basic one unit can be added up to 6)