Boxmaker machines

Main functions/advantages of BOXMAKER machines

Cardboard Feeding

  • 20-50 sheets can be loaded, thickness ranging from 10 to 2 mm.
  • A continuous cardboard feeding system with a vacuum pump makes cardboard feeding more accurate.

Cross Cutting System

  • Cut off extra cardboard without an additional paper separator

Horizontal Slotting & Scoring

  • Two 500mm symmetrical slotting knives
  • Slotting knife and creasing beam integrated design

Die Cutting System

  • Hand hole, vent hole, special-shaped rounded corners.
  • Cheap module and easy replacement.

Vertical Scoring & Slitting

  • 4 Cutting knives, rotated by the servo motor to make the side of the carton box more beautiful and flat
  • 4 Scoring/Creasing wheels 

Inline Gluing System

  • Inline cold gluing auto application, no need for extra gluing machine.
  • Highest efficiency and versatility.