Versotrade is a supplier of professional printing equipment for the Czech and Slovak Republics. Our company is engaged in business and service activities in the field of supply of die-cutting machines, hot stamping machines, packaging folding and gluing equipment and image inspection machines. We are a young and fully stable company and we are ready to meet our customers' most demanding requirements both in terms of business and service.

We offer a wide range of goods from partners all over the world:From the Polish company Versor we offer folding and gluing machines, tape applicators and inspection equipment.From the German company EyeC it is inspection machines and inspection equipment.From the Chinese company Guowang groop it is die-cutting machines, hot stamping machines and cutting machines. From AOPACK, Boxmaker machines.

Talented Team

Versotrade brings together top talent and technology, with highly skilled staff.

Pricing policy

Versotrade offers affordable and high quality die-cutting machines. To achieve quality and cost advantages, key components are purchased in Germany and the United States and manufactured in China. Versotrade has the best supply chain system for parts and components.


Our sales philosophy is to create long-term relationships with our customers, to offer them comprehensive solutions to their requirements and to support them as much as possible even in these difficult times. Only the successful ones can be a promising partner for our customers in their further development and we will continue to strive for this.

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