Boxmaker BM2508-SE


BM2508-SE is a fully automatic multifunctional box maker with horizontal slotting and scoring, vertical slitting and creasing, horizontal cutting all in one compact machine.

Compared to BM2508-Plus model, the BM2508-SE model is an economic version machine, which is of great significance to all users under the epidemic. To reduce budget and expenses, it is equipped with a 900mm lead edge feeder, 2 vertical creasing wheels, and removed handhole die cutting module.


BM2508-SE corrugated box machine is an economic version box making machine, suitable for box plants with small quantity orders and big size cartons, which effectively solves the problem of scattered orders.

For years, Aopack is committed to providing customized packaging solutions for box plants as well as end-users, which is available for a wide range of many areas, such as furniture, hardware accessories, e-commerce logistics, many other industries, and so on.

Basic configuration

1 pcs paper feeding bracket
2 pcs 500mm slotting knives
1 pcs horizontal scoring beam
2 pcs vertical creasing wheels (Option 4)
4 vertical slitting knives
1 pcs horizontal cutting knife

Machine Specifications